Behind the Scene


Creativity is intelligence having fun” -Albert Einstein

People are always more complex than they appear. We’re  mosaics; simple experiences, like pieces of brilliantly colored glass, blended together to create an outward illustration that others are able to appreciate.

To write is daring to share each individual piece of glass with the world, and hope for a deeper empathy of the picture itself.

Simply, there’s a story behind every person you meet. As always, they’re just as elaborate and meaningful as your own; especially including your ever-so-typical adolescent blogger. *Insert sarcastic laughter here*

I’m writing today to share a few, entertaining pieces of myself with you.

As of a month ago, I am an independent working woman! (or so I like to think) I got my first job as a dog-washer at the local pet groomer, working after school and spending ten hours every Saturday scrubbing, clipping, and brushing the dogs that comes through. Combine this with my long awaited ability to drive on my own, and I’m at last feeling some responsibility for myself.

Responsibility, however, proves to be incredibly stressful. Balancing a job with studying tough high school classes while maintaining friendly relationships, keeping up with my larger than life family and finding ways to productively express myself keeps me incredibly busy. I may never be bored, but fulfilled- that’s another story.  I know I’m not the only one to struggle with feeling content with yourself at the end of the day.

Maybe it’s part of growing up, working hard all day to distract yourself from other issues. But I consider myself lucky- I find peace in books and a fulfillment in writing. I create goals for myself (for example, I’m currently working to save up for a MacBook) and find joy in reaching them.

My young, twenty-first century mosaic isn’t nearly as complete or sophisticated as others much older and wiser- and yet, it still matters. It’s still a collection of beautiful, diverse fragments of glass.