Mind Over Injury


I always manage, despite perpetual efforts, to completely embarrass myself in public- and this time, it left me with tears rolling down my cheeks and my mom racing me to the emergency room.

Just about three weeks ago, I was participating in a school group called Link Crew- where members help out with freshman orientation, meeting the kids and making the transition to high school as pleasant as possible. Β I was ready to give it my all, especially after recently switching schools and knowing how hard it is to be thrown into a new place not knowing a single soul.

I empathized with them, and thought I could bring a unique perspective they would appreciate. I had good intentions, I promise.

Unfortunately, they’ll never know that.

We were told, just before the freshmen were to crash through the gym doors and greet the pep-rally of upperclassmen welcoming them, to be “enthusiastic, loud, and full of school spirit!”. The only problem was, I severely lack in school enthusiasm, and I have a special kind of deep, passionate loathing for pep rallies.

It’s an understatement to say that I had not a clue what in the world I was doing.

Resorting to breaking my own standards, I started to follow the crowd; other people clapped, so I did too; people were screaming and so I resentfully participated. I drew the line at jumping and dancing, but unfortunately I decided to partake in sprinting up the gym bleachers.

I would do anything to go back and tell myself not to run up those bleachers.

Because enthusiasm went horribly, horribly wrong.

With everybody’s eyes on the crowd of Link Crew members I was a part of, I face planted into the bleachers as I tried to leap- like a gazelle- over a pile of bags. But this gazelle got struck down, and was sprawled on the bleachers in front of her peers, teachers, parents, and the entire freshman class.

I had gotten caught on the pile of bags- slamming into the edge of the seat, my foot getting stuck, twisted, and snapped. My foot swelled like a tennis ball and turned red as a chili pepper (and stung like one too).

Allow me to express that IΒ never cry in public. I’m a strong believer in keeping calm and carrying on, living in a world where emotions are overrated and tears never accepted.

But I couldn’t help it. I had hurt myself, and badly, in the most humiliating way. I was still trying to make a good impression of myself, with a life guarding test the next day and a whole cross-country season ahead of me. I knew I wasn’t going to b able to carry through with either.

So the tears came as I hobbled my walk of shame down the bleachers, away from the unison “GASP!”s of the strangers surrounding me.

In that moment I wanted to run away, back to my old home- to the tiny room I used to share with my two little sisters, my cat and our dysfunctional piles of adventure novels. Run to my parents that loved me, away from the superficial expectations of other 16-year-olds.

But people always prove to burst your expectations. Teachers were quick to action and my peers nothing but supportive and sympathetic- maybe I was being the superficial one, being more concerned with my self-image than taking care of my injury.

My mom showed up at my school within minutes and we rushed to the hospital to take care of my foot (which had now swollen to a baseball, preventing any movement without a whimper of pain), where I got the bad news of a sprained ankle, sprained foot ligament and possible fractured bone. I was defiantly not going to be life guarding, running, biking or rock climbing like I was planning to.

I was so bummed, and three weeks later I’m still hobbling around in a corrective boot.

However, its proved to have its upsides- other than the attention and built-in excuse to be late to class, I’ve taken the time I didn’t have before to read more, write more, play my guitar more. I value being able to do all this, and I might miss it when I get better and can resume my busy schedule.

Or maybe that’s just me being an optimist.


100 thoughts on “Mind Over Injury

  1. OUCH!! When I was six I tried to prove that I wasn’t a wimp and jumped onto a spinning round about at a playground. My tooth went through my lip. I also broke my wrist as a new rollerblader, testing them out down a very steep hill.
    Don’t worry I know where you are coming from !!

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      1. Well when I was six I refused to have my lip sewn up so I wasn’t aloud to smile for a week, I still have a tiny scar. My wrist is fine now. But I have also been on the wrong side of my brothers golf club twice – one on the eyebrow and one on the head.
        How long till you can return to your pep rallying and rock climbing again?

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      2. Those are some awesome stories to go with the scars. Other than this injury, I’ve had to get stitches when I dropped a glass picture frame and it sliced through to my leg bone- I still have a scare for that one. Only another three weeks or so and I’ll be able to try running again with a brace, about 5 for rock climbing.


  2. Oh sweet girl….I’m hurting right along with you! How wonderful it is that you took an event such as this and turned it around with such grace. There’s nothing wrong with being an optimist. It’s saved my life more than once. Well done YOU!

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  3. Life moments have their downsides and upsides, I’m happy to know that despite your injury you are able to take it positively and is enjoying your moment of unhurried life so is able to write more πŸ™‚ It is just for awhile and soon your up and about again doing things actively. I envy that you are able to do rock climbing soon as my physical difficulties and age would not permit me to do that. Enjoy your young life and I hope you get well sooner.

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  4. Gravity always wins.
    Events occur & the twists & turns guide our lives in ways we never imagine.
    I’m glad to read of some benefit despite the injury.
    May your recovery be steady & complete.
    Wishing you all good things

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  5. Sorry about your injury..take care and get well soon..this too shall pass :-)..
    Don’t worry, every experience of life is for evolving us. So this (minus the injury) is also an experience and now you know what it’s like doing something that the crowd is doing.
    And I am really impressed that you are seeing the silver lining in the cloud πŸ™‚

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  6. Ouch!
    Used to be a ferocious tomboy (still am but matured now), and I partook in dangerous activities a lot.
    Street football with the brothers, jumping fences & buildings…mostly rough things.
    There was one time, I was 11 and I was dared to jump from a building…2 floors down. I was up, looked down, it seemed easy-peasy but when I landed…I grasped the implications. Couldn’t walk for 6 months…missed (didn’t really miss) school work πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
    Till this day, my mum will look at my scars from my rough days as a child & Shake her head. 😭

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  7. Towards the end of last school year my 6 year old daughter broke her tibia. She told us she fell off the climbing wall.
    Turns out other kids were jumping and she was scared so she told a friend to push her off. She is still embarrassed with the real story. So we tell people she fell off. 8 weeks in a cast and 6 in a pediatric ortho boot. It was the smallest ortho boot known to mankind. 😝

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  8. Zack C.

    It’s quite brave of you to live through that and come out with something positive during your time of recovery, I get that most people wouldn’t be able to endure such a thing and still remain optimistic. Hope you’re doing well now

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  9. cartelmagazine

    Your honesty is refreshing. Your lines poetry. True literature. I could read a book of your tales. Continue to write. You’re a genius. Thank you for sharing without fear.πŸ“

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      1. I’m sure it’s not your fault, we can figure it out! Try clicking on the “follow” pop up that should be in the bottom right hand corner when you go to the home page. It will ask you to enter your email address, and you’ll get notifications every time a new post is published. It may help to also be logged out of WordPress when you try to do this. Thank you for following and reading! πŸ™‚


  10. I think you’ve taken “The worse the pain, the better the writing” to a new level! Sorry for your injured ankle, injured foot and injured ego. I have a feeling the latter hurt the most. Thanks for sharing your pain with us. It always feels good to know I’m not alone in my ability to make others laugh at my expense. Heal quickly! πŸ™‚

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  11. tabbyrenelle

    Hi, 106 ferrets,

    Katherine told me about you. Sooooo sorry to hear of your injury! Dang!

    I was never into the Pep rallies, either. Ug. My black finger nail polish just didn’t match the cheer squad poms… know what I mean?

    But hey, I was reading the comments… and not to interrupt or tangent, but Moths aren’t truly clumsy things. They are actually quite stealth. Ever try to catch one and notice how they can suddenly vanish? Their martial arts style would be considered “drunken monkey”. Throws the predators off. And they aren’t stupid going for the light, just seeking warmth. But whatever… never mind my insect appreciation. It’s all besides the point.

    Maybe if you go to acupuncture treatments at some point (if you don’t find complete healing from your current medical course) you’ll recover faster. Those can truly work if you have a good person. I know someone who had a back injury and he thought he would never walk again. Acupuncture worked when western medicine failed to.

    You’ll hike and run and climb again!!!!

    Awesome you play guitar! I’m a drummer.

    Now, I gotta go check out the crazy cat face photo with your poem that Katherine told me about.

    Get well soon. πŸ™‚

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  12. I didn’t like marching with the crowd either and climbed mountains.

    Don’t worry about having a weep. It’s a natural human response, not doing so is a disability. Scottish warriors of ancient times were famous for it and all the more fearsome.

    Sorry it hurt though. πŸ™‚

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  13. This this the first blog post of your that I’ve read and I already like you.
    Your unfortunate account reminded me of several years ago when I was a freshman in college, and we were doing a track expo, and I was chosen to demo hurdles. You can see where this is heading. I ate it face first in the middle of the track, and while I wasn’t seriously injured, I’m not sure what was the deeper shade of scarlet- the track or my face.
    Best healing wishes!

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    1. HAHAHAHAHA this made me laugh so hard- you made my day! No, I don’t have any ferrets; I had an old music teacher that always called me “ferret” because I wanted to play everything really fast. I guess the nickname stuck. And six is my lucky number, thus 106ferrets πŸ™‚ thank you for reading!

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  14. I’m sorry to hear about your foot. I hope it gets better soon. Actually, I had to smile when I read your post. I did something quite similar when I was about 12. My class had gone into the countryside for a two-week camp. All the boys were trying to jump over a large, muddy puddle. As I ran up to take my jump, I happened to notice someone had come up to watch. Of all people, it was the girl in my class that I had a secret crush on. I completely mistimed my jump and landed straight in the middle of the mud, impressing no one. I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me, but all these years later I’m sure there is no one else on the planet who still remembers the incident other than me.

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    1. Haha oh no! That is soooo embarrassing! I remember I was crunching on a boy in my gym class, and to try to impress him I ran laps around the track as fast as I could- but going around a corner I slipped, fell on my face and slid to the wall. In front of him and the whole gym class! I still groan to think about it, but I’m sure I’ll be laughing in 10 years πŸ™‚ thank you for reading!

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      1. At lot of the things that were most embarrassing at the time make the most entertaining stories decades later.

        Your older self will thank your younger self for her generosity in supplying top-quality comic material.

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      1. I just thought it meant you REALLY liked him in some sort of slang way that I’d never heard before. My speciality is typing mistakes, incidentally, but usually ridiculously embarrassing ones, like “your” for “you’re” or “their” for “there”!

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  15. Ouch that’s terrible…my son fell off the jungle gym and snapped his elbow in three pieces…this led to surgery and 10 years later lessened motor skills weak right hand…makes learning the guitar a tad more difficult. Hope you get better soon😁

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  16. I was never keen on pep rallies either. It was sometimes preferable to sitting in class, but sitting with more classmates in a large room where the rally was always threatened to be canceled if the student body couldn’t behave itself didn’t make sense to me.

    Show school spirit but not over certain decibels? Get excited but not to whooping levels?

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  17. I like your writing moreover I like the way you think. If anything that’s what injuries / shortcomings or maybe disabilities make you do.. “Makes us think and act different”. If you can, I would recommend you to watch ” Anurima Sinha’s Inc Talks” . Love from India! πŸ™‚ Keep up your work! I am already your fan!

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  18. Great writing. It maybe an embarrassing event but people can’t make fun of you. People won’t talk behind your back because your injury is serious enough. Sorry about your foot. And I think you write well for a 16-year old.

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  19. Ouch. That had to hurt.
    I can only imagine how mortifying that experience must have been for you. Having been in a similar situation before (tripping down the stairs and falling on a college teacher), I deeply empathise.
    But hey, I like the way you think. You do give some vivid descriptions, did you know that?
    And yay, a fellow guitar player & fellow blogger!
    This was a great post, do write more!😁
    Do give my blog a look as well. I’m a first time blogger, so I’m new to this. I’d really appreciate it.

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  20. There’s a gift in all this somewhere and perhaps it is having an experience to write an awesome blog post about! I feel your pain. Always trust your intuition and don’t join in if you don’t feel like it, be a happy observer. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

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  21. I am having a similar experience in that I suffered 2 consecutive knee ligament injuries while playing Badminton and have been using the convalescence period to read more and more and engage more deeply with the world around me. Very nicely written


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