Short and Sweet


Interstate driving is terrifying

Multiple ear piercings are awesome

Music is best on vinyl

Skipping rocks in the backyard creek is the cheapest and most effective form of therapy

Case closed.


20 thoughts on “Short and Sweet

  1. katherinejlegry

    This is my first time reading you…

    I know some poets who are gonna soooo, like you. 🙂 welcome to the block so to speak (not to be ageist but I’m no teen). I will recommend you to Tabby who re-blogs poets, prefers music on vinyl, has multiple ear piercings, and will dig the crazy cat face picture accompanying your poem, not to mention her penchant for skipping rocks across water and or skipping to rock music! She’s a “hoot” and this reminds me of her. Yeay! 🙂


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