Thoughts from the Road


First day of summer vacation 2K15, and I’m riding shotgun in the family SUV on a 6 hour drive to celebrate memorial day weekend living the dream…. at a Beatles festival.

Sitting indian style, cruising down the interstate blasting Magical Mystery Tour with my two sisters and mom in the back seat. (My dad’s reputation for fast- and dare I say reckless- driving puts my mom in an intense state of disquietude, so it’s my pleasure to claim the role of “navigator” up front to give her some peace in the back)

The incessant stretch of highway promises a grand kickoff to my summer, the anticipation of two and a half months of late night adventures and early morning laziness hits with perfect timing after a climax of school stress.

Fueled by the Blue Ridge mountains peeking over the horizon and warm sunshine penetrating my freckled skin,  I can’t imagine anything other than the youthful optimism of… well, a 16-year-old the brink summer vacation.

I only have two of these left, including this one, and I want to do everything in my power to make the most of it.


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