Newspapers, Mail Men and Milk Delivery 


I swear, mailboxes are on the way out. Give it 10 or 20 years and they’ll be nothing but stories in history books and old TV shows.

I think of this because last night my dad was sharing memories of his own childhood; tall tales of milk men driving friendly white trucks in the mornings and dogs who fetched newspapers out of the front lawn.

This was only about 30 years ago (but who am I to say, that’s still 14 years before I was even born) and to think that people had to have someone deliver milk and newspapers sounds completely absurd.

Youthful ignorance and inexperience is bliss.

This leads me to my own proposal: come another 30 or so years, I’ll be telling the next generation about mailboxes, and mailmen in cheery hats and they’ll think it’s just as absurd as milkmen and physical newspapers.

Just think about it! Especially with the internet, there’s no need for mail. Just like the need for delivered milk was lost with the growing popularity of commercial grocery stores, the need for physical letters sent to your house is a complete thing of the past. It’s been replaced with Gmail and texting already.

Obviously people will still send packages, but there’s no need for a mailbox with those. Amazon’s already using small drones to deliver boxes to doorsteps in California and although the romanticism is lost with mailmen fighting rain and snow to get letters to the citizens of America, times are moving forward!

It’s going to happen. I just know it.