Reasons to be a Cat Person!


I have an unconditional love for cats.

A little background, I am the sole cat lover drowning in family of dog enthusiasts. With this in mind, my mom insists that when I move out,  my wonderful cat- who I adore completely- comes with me. Sasha, a little Siamese with electric blue eyes and the spunky attitude of a queen.

There are reasons the Egyptians worshiped cats and not dogs, so here are some reasons why being a person is the greatest.

1. That prrrrrrrrrrr

2.  Head bumps

3.  Sandpaper kisses on your nose

4. Enthusiastic meeeeoooowwww! greetings when you walk into the room

5. They’re the perfect reading buddy

6. They knead you… and then fall asleep on your tummy

7. Cats know when you need a therapeutic snuggle session

8. They are beautiful. Always.

9. The sway of their tail when they sleep, and you imagine what she must be dreaming about

10.You can talk to them, and they talk back

11. naps stretched out in the sunshine puddles

12. Playtime is a blast! No need for expensive toys, just a feather and a shoelace

13. love nibbles on your finger

14. They don’t judge

15. They love you just as unconditionally as you love them


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