A Rookie Ramble


So here I am. I made the mistake of drinking way too much coffee much too late in the day; resulting in my exhausted mind but caffeinated body on the floor of my basement, staring at the ceiling while the snores and mumbles of my family’s slumber echo through the walls of my house.

Out of boredom comes creativity, or so I’ve heard.

Being left with nothing to be occupied with, I find my mind wandering… Wandering to the distant corners of my mind, the crooks and crannies of thought where you truly begin to discover yourself.

Silence can do this to you. The smooth, relaxing absence of sound every stressed student dreams of! I long for it often.

It’s easy to lose yourself in the constant noise of 21st century life; especially as a high school sophomore, the inescapable presence of media haunts our very existence. However, I’m a hypocrite-I love the Internet, my iPod, the connection to my friends via text messaging. It’s convenient, instantly satisfying, and perfect for the ADHD kid in all of us; I mean, check out the infinite supply of cat pictures on tumbler!

It is only in moments like these I realize that I’m happiest without the white noise. I’m no philosopher, but I think it’s important to have a bit of time solely with the company of ourselves.

For example, I love to run. I gear up my shorts and tennis shoes, hitting the trail whenever I can. Something about the stretch of path in front of you, the sunlight bursting through the trees, the trickle of a flowing stream in the distance that makes me appreciate the freedom away from media, society, the nagging of other people. (Sorry, mom :P) I keep a steady stride and slip into a day dream.

I think about my future, how my life seems to be going, the relationships I’ve formed and passions I’ve discovered. I pay attention to the wind running it’s cool fingers through my hair, the squirrels playing among the branches like children that will never grow up, the birds singing a love song to those that will lend them an ear… And when I reach the top of my climb I stop and enjoy the view until I continue my journey back down the mountain.

One day when I’m old, I feel like these are the moments I’ll remember most.

But for now, I’ll continue to dream until the caffeine wears off and I can fall into a deep and welcoming sleep… Waking up tomorrow morning to my phone alarm, crank up some music and surround myself with the noise of media once again.